Thursday, March 01, 2007

Master Cleanse: The Zero Hour

I just finished my last meal. It wasn't even anything fancy - two hamburgers smothered in mozzarella. I cleaned the fridge, and replaced my perishables with The Liquid. I experimented a bit, and made 12 cups with lemon juice and maple syrup [the way they say to], 12 cups with lemon juice and molasses, and 24 cups with lime juice and honey.

It's about 850 calories a batch, or ... 70 calories a cup. The whole frakkin batch is less than 3000 calories. That's much, much less than I thought, & I don't know how much of this stuff I can actually drink each day.

I'm already feeling a placebo effect. I've been low energy all day. My brain shut off around noon & never turned back on. That might be partly due to nicotine deprivation, but my money is on: it's due to an overactive imagination.

In 30 minutes I drink the senna tea, and we're on.

I already told David to make plans for next Sunday, when I plan on breaking the fast at sundown. I'm thinking sushi.

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