Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Two Days to Go

Sleep, work, train, eat, sleep, repeat, and rest on Sunday. Damn. There isn't time for anything else! I'm enjoying paddling, though my body is going through some serious adjustments. I'm not used to working out with this much intensity.

It's also odd that I haven't played on a competetive sport, been on a team, or even had to run, since 1985. It's been a long time.

We went out on the water Saturday and did two hours worth of sprints. I thought I was going to die half-way through, but somehow pulled it together. Anywhere else, I would have called a time and and gone and rested. That's not really an option on the open ocean, or when you have five other guys expecting you to pull your weight.

Running has been a challenge. I'm up to 15" on the treadmill. Lame. I'm dreading that we'll have to run one of these practices. They did 2 miles last week, but I didn't have shoes so swam laps. I'm really not ready for a 2 mile run yet! I'll need to train while I travel. Hopefully there's no running tonight - because now I do have shoes & can't use that as an excuse.

And in two nights I'm off! Right now I'm feeling ambitious, and hoping that I can pack everything into a carry-on.

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