Wednesday, November 08, 2006

And he still doesn't get it

OK, Rumsfeld is gone. Yippee - but the new bugger Bush is naming doesn't sound an ounce better. Here's a little history lesson for you all.

from the Final Report of the Independent Counsel for Iran/Contra Matters

Chapter 16: Robert M. Gates

In the end, although Gates's actions suggested an officer who was more interested in shielding his institution from criticism and in shifting the blame to the NSC than in finding out the truth, there was insufficient evidence to charge Gates with a criminal endeavor to obstruct congressional investigations into the Hasenfus shootdown.

Gates and Casey's November 1986 Testimony

The events leading up to the preparation of false testimony by Director Casey in November 1986 -- preparations that Gates nominally oversaw -- are set forth in a separate chapter of this Report. There was insufficient evidence that Gates committed a crime as he participated in the preparation of Casey's testimony, or that he was aware of critical facts indicating that some of the statements by Casey and others were false.


Independent Counsel found insufficient evidence to warrant charging Robert Gates with a crime for his role in the Iran/contra affair. Like those of many other Iran/contra figures, the statements of Gates often seemed scripted and less than candid. Nevertheless, given the complex nature of the activities and Gates's apparent lack of direct participation, a jury could find the evidence left a reasonable doubt that Gates either obstructed official inquiries or that his two demonstrably incorrect statements were deliberate lies.

We don't need another politician more interested in shielding his institution from criticism and in shifting the blame ... than in finding out the truth .

So far there's radio silence in the mainstream media on this.

Let's help it get out there & into the mainstream consciousness.

And let's hope that Senator Pelosi rips them all a new one.

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