Thursday, November 09, 2006

Week Ten Status Update

I just entered week ten of no smokes and no nicotine and no crutches. I think this is the longest I've made it since 2000 [two months], and maybe the third longest time ever. It feels real, like this time I've over it for good.

For the most part it's pretty easy now. I still have plenty of edgy days, but they aren't too bad. I've managed to shelter most of my friends from any emotional volatility. Certain members of the City Council haven't been so lucky - but if they weren't so friggin' stupid I probably wouldn't have read them like I did.

Welbutrin helps a lot. I'd by psycho without it. I'm always amazed at people who talk about how they smoked three packs a day and then, one day, quit and never looked back. It is not like that with me. I go through a full-on Trainspotting style withdrawal [well, wothout the dead babies crawling on the ceiling, but my god it's close].

So: ten weeks. I'm working out three times a week, biking every day, and maintaining at 200 pounds and 12% body fat. I haven't lost any friendships this time , and I haven't had any public tantrums or breakdowns this round. Not too bad at all.

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