Monday, November 06, 2006

Eye 3 - Garden Work

Some people can put a rock in their yard & it looks perfect, as if that is exactly where that rock was meant to be. I put a rock in the garden, and people say hey dude, why is there a rock in your yard?

I spent Sunday afternoon, playing in the mud. It's mostly good. Here's the results:

Gary: the orchids on the ladder... scrounge around for clay pots around the yard to put the plastic ones'll look more uniform.

Check. That was easy!

you need to put some stuff around the edge of your koi pond that's not under the tree so the edge "disappears"...see what we did with the pond under the tree...most of the edge is camouflaged by plants?

i want you to get some of those one gallon black plastic pots (smallest size of the pots the anthuriums are in)...maybe about 7 or 8 of them... and maybe 3 that are the size of the anthurium pots... dig up lauwa'i in the yard by that big rock and put em in those pots.

This is where it got tricky. The lauwai send of leaves from shallow runners, and I broke a lot of them trying to get them into pots. I did place them around the pond, and then tried to hide the pots with rocks. My first attempt lacked a certain grace.

Translation: it didn't look like a rock garden, it looked like earthquake damage. My instinct was to say, it'll grow in and move on, but I kept playing with it until it looked casually natural.

Although there is no way these boys are going to stay in their pots! I can already see them plotting their escape. I'm cool with that.

we forgot to plant something in
that little duck next to the water plant...look for something in your yard that'll stay really small..

The ducky got a variegated sage that had been suffering underneath the rosemary.

the hina hina that's on the branch next to the donkey tail? push the left side of it only (over toward the right side about 8 inches...squish it). you want that to be more asymmetrical between the staghorn, donkey tail and hina hina...right now the hina hina looks like laundry on a clothes line...not so natural...

Ooh. This is where my skills failed me. I was trying to drape the hina hina, but was destroying the pony tail in the process. I managed to get a few strands of hina to stick, but they fell off when I watered. Aye. I did push the clump around to make it look assymetrical. Pushing I can do, and assymetry comes easy.

And David just brought these by, the last refugees from Tom's place: two wreaths with bromeliad keiki woven in. Any suggestions?


gary said...

great job bucko!

it all looks good and no biggie about the donkey can either leave it as is or there's plan B...

Plan B: instead of trying to work the hina hina in to plug the hole, try laying some really long strands on top of the whole thing and drape it over the donkey tail...see how the hina hina's hanging down/growing over the other side of the basket? not too want the donkey tail underneath to still get the light.

the lauwa'i around the pond looks great. if they escape onto the ground, that's fine. at least it doesn't look like an above ground pool in san bernardino

the wreaths as they are? sorry, there is no way to work those into a tropical garden.

you know what we do? gently take all of the bromeliads off of the wreaths and put them to the side in groups...all the similar ones together. take a picture of them for me.

we'll try this: make one cut on each wreath, then see if you can twist the wreaths into two much smaller ones...sort of like twisting a two stranded circular braid...try to get em each about 12" to 15" across...i think if you got some wire or something you could tie the ends together somehow...tie em in the back so you won't see the wire.

if you do that, we could probably fill each wreath full with the bromeliads that look sparce on them now and then i think they'd both fit onto the storage closet gate next to the orchid ladder, one over the other.

once you get em smaller, take a picture with them hanging on the storage gate so i can see if the scale is right, k?

then we'll tackle how to arrange the bromeliads on the wreaths. i guess you're gonna get your year round christmas decorations after all!


Anonymous said...

gardening is like cooking, and/or great sex. You just have to make sure you got all the right ingredients and then play around. Basic thing is to keep like plants together (hhhmmm) so you know the sunlight and watering measures then half the work is done. Kinda like sex, did I mention that?