Friday, November 03, 2006

First Friday

It was another messy Friday. For one shining moment it was fabulous, and I thought of all the friends I wished were here to share it. Then the ex got drunk and life got a little uglier. I came home. I had to take the long route as some stranger was stalking me in his car. Lucky I have strong legs & can bike fast.

The ex and my work out partner are still downtown, battling it out over a bartender who treats them both like shit. The ex and my gym buddy were best buddies two hours and six martinis and an unknown number of screwdrivers ago. Now they're not talking.

This will end with the ex going on another chemical fueled binge with the bartender, and ultimately losing his job. I'd like to be wrong, but I'm going to bed with a heavy heart ... I've seen all this before, and the story will play out the same way it's played out every time before.

Still, I enjoyed most of the night. Met some cool new people, and it was nice getting to know Robert. We've never really talked outside the gym.

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