Friday, November 03, 2006

New Pics - and a New Plan

I'm finally caught up with my pics! I just posted all the pics from Beth and Ron's wedding. Some are good & I'm really happy with them. Some are god awful, and I'm quite happy with those too.

Somehow I ended up with lots of pics of people I don't know, yet only one of my brother Jim and Uncle Bob, and only two or three of my Dad. I'm not sure how that happened. I think they were hiding from the camera.

I posted some more pics in 2006 Random also - mostly shots from Atlanta and DC.

And I've got a new plan for the Blog - Gary is going to help me do a home makeover, and we'll be doing it on-line. I've got zero interior design skills, so he's going to be my queer eye. This weekend I'll post some pics of the amazing job he did in my garden. Then I'll start posting pics of my studio, and he'll direct me on what I need to do to make it work. It'll be an adventure, so turn off the HGTV and stay tuned!

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