Friday, November 24, 2006

First Mexico Photos

These photos came out in a pretty random order. This is just a sampling of the past week; I'll get the full set on photobucket when I get back:

Ron and Guillermo on Thanksgiving Night
Don Quijote and Sancho Panza

The path into Yelapa The main road in Yelapa

Boys on the beach at Blue Chairs in Vallarta
Dancer in Yelapa

A bay Ron and I stumbled upon during our hike.

Rogelio and Angel

Yelapa River

Los caballeros
Un otro caballero Zoom in for a pic of the coati, or tejon. I've learned that they aren't as dangerous as we were told - they're really just "playful and inquisitive." So apparently we weren't almost attacked after all. Our palapa in Yelapa
Modern Art

Jose Clement Orozco: Hombre de Fuego (Man of Fire)
Yelapa Puebla
Courtyard at the Hospice The Cathedral of the Virgin of Zapopan

Guadalajara's Cathedral at night

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