Sunday, November 12, 2006

Cyber Eye: Pretty on the outside, Tragic on the inside

I finally posted indoor "before" pics on Photobucket.

There's something about seeing things through the cold clear eye of the camera lens that forces you to say, yeah, I need help.

weekLet's start with the fun outside stuff. I moved the driftwood from the sidewalk and put it near the koi pond, by the steps, and then decorated it with the bromeliads and tillsandia I'd rescued last from the wreath. I really like how this worked out.

I also set the lauwa`i free. I made a rock wall to keep in the dirt, then dumped it out and spread the ferns around. They'd have escaped anyway, and now they're closer to the ground and I can still see my fishies.

The sage wasn't happy in the duck pot, so I put him back in the ground and gave the duck a tillsandia. I put this and the rabbit pots up behind the wood barrels.

OK, then it was time to look inside. The complete set of pics is at photobucket. Here's a sampler, G. Let me know if you need close-ups or measurements of anything

Going clockwise: Entry into the heart of darkness, a lonely bed, a functional kitchen, a shrine in the bathroom, and Cafe MC.

Yes, I know how wrong some of this is

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gary said...

hey, i like that you took the ideas and morphed them into better ones...driftwood looks great, so does the lauwa'i in the more natural state. good job.

i'll look at the interior pics and the floorplan measurements and will have some ideas waiting for you when you get back from mexico.