Thursday, November 09, 2006

Brokeback Revisited

09 Jan - I list all my reasons for refusing to see Brokeback Mountain

05 Feb - I'm still devastated the day after seeing the movie, and it will continue to haunt me for days after.

06 Feb - Alastair in Sydney comments:
  • Hmmm ... some of your "buds" down here in Sydney (we're your "mates", Mike, for crying out loud - "buds" are little sticks with cotton wool on each end that we use for cleaning our ears and applying our eye shadow) went to see Bareback Mountain the day after it opened. And, quite frankly, we were pretty much all underwhelmed and disappointed. I know that in different ways they were both under-resourced emotionally, educationally and financially but is California REALLY that far from Wyoming and Texas??? Didn't you just want to stand up in the cinema and burst into "Go West! Life is peaceful there ..."? And it might have helped if we'd understood even half of whatever it was Heath was mumbling. Anyway 4/10 ...
Well, mate - has Ted Haggard's story been getting press down there? Check out his letter below ... There is a part of my life that is so repulsive and dark that I have been warring against it all of my adult life ... and believe me that parts of America really are that far from the modern world.

I don't think this is a front on Haggard's part. Foley's excuses [the priest touched me and that's why I chase teenage boys] disgusted me. Greevey is playing queen of the Fire Island nightlife but in my book he's still a corrupt politician who violated the public trust. Haggard I actually feel for. His pain feels real.

I checked out the gay forums, and there is no sympathy. He's a cockroach and a hypocrite and the boys are having fun watching him go down. Rex Wockner does a blog on Bad Gays after the scandal hits, and Signorile interviews the rentboy on Haggard's favorite positions [ok, that was actually a pretty interesting interview].

But it wasn't that long ago that we were all [excepting the Sydney boys] empathizing with Heath Ledger's portrayal of a character exactly like Ted Haggard.

And seriously, this man needs the support of the gay community far more than any public figure I can think of. What this man faces will be brutal. His "spiritual restoration" has already begun. According to the Christian Post, there will be prayer, and perhaps the laying on of hands. There will be counseling and a confession. And there will be advice, confrontation and rebuke from "godly men" appointed to oversee the spiritual restoration of the Rev. Ted Haggard.

It will be hell.

And I know - we all know - that after all the prayers, laying on of hands, and confrontations - he'll still be gay. The question for me is, will he be gay and proud & strong enough to stand up to the other godly men, or will he end up gay and broken?

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